About us

RADAR Festival Beyond Music is an event for the brave, for those searching and for the fearless ready to jump on the first row of the roller-coaster of their senses. Our RADAR is looking for innovation, provocation and surprise.

What unifies the projects presented by RADAR is that they all introduce music from different styles, where music is always accompanied by another form of art: either theatre, visual technology or poetry – a gentle conflict and symbiosis between means of expression, of which the audience is the beneficiary.


Main programme

RADAR Festival Beyond Music is coming back for its sixth edition during the second week of August! RADAR festival promotes projects in which music lavishly collaborates with other kinds of art. Audacity and innovation are the hallmark of all projects that you are going to deal with during the event. Highly renowned alongside making their first steps artists are gathered to reflect and create beyond any limitations. There are some performances that have reached the zenith of their architectural construction, others are the vivid vibration of an improvisation and artistic collaboration, drawing their ephemeral breath from the present hour and minute. The latter are gone; they are turned into past that would never happen again.