RADAR Festival Beyond Music will descend on Amsterdam in a series of exciting collaborations between outstanding Bulgarian artists and local standouts.

Between 16-20 December, the festival will offer open-minded projects that blend jazz, electronica, and video.

Amsterdam-based jazz musician and artistic director Dimitar Bodurov has curated three concert evenings in Splendor, Sexyland, and Bimhuis. The world-champion beatboxer Skiller, internationally renowned producer Ivan Shopov and jazz trumpet player Rossen Zahariev will meet some high-profile local musicians such as the guitar star Teis Semey, keyboard wiz Tony Roe, drummer sensation Sun-Mi Hong, saxophone player Ben van Gelder and others. The artists will exchange adventure ideas in several projects ranging from jazz and improv to electronica and drum’n’bass.

Radar Festival was made possible with the financial support of the National Culture Fund Bulgaria.


Meet the artists

Благодарим на всички, които бяха част от юбилейното издание на RADAR Festival Beyond Music във Варна. Беше велико преживяване, за което видеото и снимките говорят!


Специални благодарности на всички наши партньори и спонсори, без които RADAR Festival Beyond Music 2023 нямаше да бъде възможен. Благодарни сме и за цялата подкрепа на нашите индивидуални дарители и приятели, които пожелаха да останат анонимни.

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