Tin Men and The Telephone [NL] – Tony Roe (piano, electronics, visuals), Lukas Dols (double bass), Bobby Petrov (drums) | Jazztory [BG] – Andronia Popova (vocal), Dimitar Lolev (saxophone), Georgi Donchev (double bass), Bobby Petrov (drums), Dimitar Bodurov (piano) | Plaid [UK] Andy Turner, Ed Handley | Parergon Live [UK] – Will Dutta (piano and electronics), Dan Thombs (real-time video) | Ufon! X [BG] – Moodix (programming, sampling & effects), Neyko Bodurov (trumpet), Roel Hollander (saxophone), Vj Synth (real-time video & mapping) | Neofobic [DE/BG] – Dimitar Bodurov (piano & electronics), Jens Dupe (drums & percussion), Sven Hanne (video)


Workshop Musical in colors for children with Marin Popov (musician) and Letty Zhivkova (applied artist) | Multidisciplinary Workshop led by Tin Men & The Telephone | Workshop Making Visible: Locating the artist-curator of music led by Will Dutta and Dan Tombs | ArtistTalk (open discussion) with Dimitar Bodurov, Jens Düppe and Sven Hanne

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