Author: RADAR Festival

RADAR was a guest of the International Economic Relations Department at University of Economics - Varna

Студенти МИОSvetlozara Hristova (executive director of RADAR festival) and Violina Nikolova (public relations manager of RADAR festival) read a lecture on Leadership, innovations and new organizational methods, invited by the guidance of the International Economic Relations Department. The students had the opportunity to talk about new leaders, women in positions of power, types of innovation and the key things that guarantee the success of an idea. This event started the new platform of knowledge exchange at University of Economics Varna, during which the students could meet influential people, who have managed to develop a successful career. We were happy to be the first guests of the event and we wish the team good luck!

RADAR honored with EFFE label

EFFE_LABEL_LOGOAt an official event in Germany, the European Festivals Association announced the festivals, awarded with EFFE label 2017-2018, among which is RADAR. 715 festivals from 39 European countries are given recognition because of their deep commitment to the world of arts, to local communities and to Europe. We are proud to be considered one of the most modern and avant-garde festivals in the continent and to continue our work, building up the city’s image and making the country a great culture destination that offers its visitors such an extraordinary experience.