Sofia Live Club

About the event

Stefan Hristov a.k.a. Mr. Smiff – electronics • Anna Bacheva – visuals

Located in France, Stefan Hristov and Anna Bacheva explore the intersection of visual and sonic dimensions in their work. Stefan Hristov has performed with foreign bands like Mad Professor(UK), Wax Tailor(FR), De-Phazz(DE), Blend Mishkin(GR).  He is currently best known for his experimental and contemporary music projects, as well as for his productions under the name MR.SMIFF. In parallel, he produces and mixes techno music under the pseudonym MICR.B. Anna Bacheva is a Bulgarian visual artist who works in various contexts and formats involving new media and hybridity. She creates audiovisual narratives, multisensory landscapes and “immersive” experiences related to technology, design and art. 

CHROMATIC COÏNCIDENCES is the latest project by Studio Otayka, who immerse the audience in an extraordinary creation. is a curiosity on the theme of audiovisual phenomena. Based on image-sound dependencies, musical analogies, and visual coincidences, the artists construct a semi-predictable field where augmented imagination intensely lives. Plunging into randomness and accidental collisions, they manage the “emergence” to find beautiful shapes, patterns, and compositions. Each performance is unique and makes us see the constantly changing sound.

Анна Бачева