Archeological museum - Varna

About the event

Dimitar Bodurov, piano and composition • Neyko Bodurov, trumpet • Martin Hafizi, drums • Mihail Ivanov, bass • Alexander Logozarov, guitar • Georgi Shterev, tuba • Ivan Mеlin, trombone • Michel Nahabediyan, soprano sax • Hristo Goleminov, tenor sax, flute • Dimitar Liolev, alt sax • Petko Tanchev, video

Dimitar Bodurov presents DECAGON – his latest project, created especially for the 10th anniversary of the RADAR festival. DECAGON is an audio-visual composition for a chamber ensemble of 10 musicians, divided into ten parts, each dedicated to a different instrument. Inspiration for this work Bodurov finds in the festival slogan “beyond music”, which he uses as a leitmotiv that explores various concepts related to music and numbers, as well as references to numerology, serialism and other compositional techniques. Petko Tanchev will transform the stage space with immersive video mapping.