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Katya Muha – vocals • Raya Baya – trumpet and electronics

Desperate Daughters are an alternative electronic duo formed in 2019 by singer Katya Muha and trumpeter and producer Raya Baya. Katya has been involved in darkwave projects, while also dabbling in classical music. With a diverse background which includes ethnic, jazz, and electronic, Raya has extensive experience in a wide range of styles. The group works remotely between Sofia and Amsterdam. In 2021 Desperate Daughters are among the winners of the Music Elevator competition for new Bulgarian bands. The band has released six singles and is preparing to release its debut album Analogue Girls. The music of Desperate Daughters draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including jazz, vaudeville, and electronica. The duo creates a unique underground sound that resembles a mesmerizing soundtrack, imbued with darkness and mysticism.