Archeological museum - Varna

About the event

Diogo Carriço – piano, electronics & video

The Netherlands based posthuman pianist and audiovisual artist Diogo Carriço exists between the real, the virtual and the imaginary. Adventuring on a minimalist piano, he infuses drifting harmonies and undulating melodies with electronic experimentalism. Incarnating the urgent balance between people, technology and nature, Diogo conceives sonic life forms that permeate through acoustic, electronic and visual elements. During RADAR Festival 2023, the artist will present the live audiovisual show that, ahead of its release, accompanies his debut album. Silhouette Nekropolis is a submersion in the dreamy yet confronting lifetime journey of the first ecosystem at risk of being entirely lost to the climate crisis – coral reefs. The listener is immersed in fluid yet restless soundscapes and propelled to a continuous drift through dissolved colors and textures, that evoke a new empathy, oneness and attunement to nature.