City Art Gallery

About the event

Doriene Marselje, harp

Doriene Marselje has played as a soloist and with many ensembles, orchestras and musical theater companies over the past 20 years. In 2020 she created a new audiovisual sound performance based on contemporary repertoire for solo harp with composers such as Takemitsu, Berio, Yun, Cage and Van Rossum, exploring the extremes of the instrument. She enriches the familiar sound of the harp with special analogue effects and creates a whole new sound world. Especially for this performance, Doriene worked together with Tango Soundsystem (TU Delft) on the development of an interactive light installation. This extensive, modular installation embraces the harp in the middle, as it were, and responds to the frequencies of the harp. the music can not only be heard but also seen. That interplay of harp, light and technology is in a landscape.

The concert is supported by The Embassy of the Kindgdom of the Netherlands in Bulgaria.