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Ivo Neame – piano • Jon Scott – drums

Over the last 15 years, Ivo Neame and Jon Scott have developed formidable profiles and reputations as among the most inventive and innovative instrumentalists of their generation in Europe. Multiverse is their first release to document this collaboration and it is achieved with great style, colour and dynamism. Multiverse is indeed multifaceted in its instrumentation, texture and repertoire. Multiverse has been a labour of love, an album two and a half years in the making, which showcases the musical brilliance and skill of both musicians as multi-instrumentalists. Produced by Matt Calvert, the music blends a rich world of Jazz, groove and electronica with ear-catching and bold electronic textures. Originally initiated as an acoustic duo that focussed on the fluid interplay between instruments (piano and sax for Ivo and vibes and drums for Jim), from the beginning there were few boundaries to their inspiration. It was this freedom to switch between instruments and soundworlds that was particularly inspiring for both musicians.