Archeological museum - Varna

About the event

Tony Roe, keys & electronica • Ben van Gelder, sax • SkilleR, beatbox

At the special edition of RADAR in Amsterdam in December 2023, Tony Roe presented the explosive collaboration with Ben van Gelder and SkilleR. This time around it’s the turn of the Varna audience to experience jazz, electronica and beatbox mixed with unconventional, captivating energy.

Tony Roe is known as one of the most creative pianists of current times. In 2009 he founded the innovative trio Tin Men and the Telephone, which gave him international recognition. He writes most of the compositions and works out the concepts with his fellow band members. Tony is constantly improving and exploring new ways of making music. In 2013 they released an interactive app that allows the audience to participate in their live performances. This innovative project has raised interest from all over the world. For his innovative work with Tin Men and the Telephone, Tony was awarded the prestigious North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment for 2014. His latest project is Modular Piano, which integrates piano, modular synthesizers, and interactive projections and lasers in a stunning multi-media performance.

The concert is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bulgaria.