The final night of RADAR’s sixth edition will stun us with a true electric art feeling of music, but not only. A feeling of the art without which we cannot exist. A feeling of the life which cannot be without art. Such is the life of Anton Eger, as well, who, in the lines below, recounts the beginning – linked to music and tragedy, but also leading to the current pursuit and spreading of happiness. The musical journey ahead of us on August 11th will be a colorful genre twist – a gift for those who are curious from Anton Eger, Matt Calvert, Robin Mullarkey and Niels Broos.

1. RADAR Festival Beyond Music has the primary goal to present musical projects dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic forms. When did you become aware of the limitedness of your own artistic form, or, to put it in other words, when did your radar detect the need for multidisciplinary expression?

Without being aware of all the defined layers that you’re mentioning, I remember having the need at a very early stage in my life. My mother was a musician, so I got to sing and play throughout my childhood. When I was 8, I lost my parents in a plane crash in Venezuela (my little brother and I survived) and we moved to my aunt’s place in Sweden. Unfortunately, she had a hard time taking care of us and she did not allow me to start exploring music nor playing the drums. At the age of 14 she kicked me out and I moved to my grandparents who, as a contrast to my aunt, supported me, encouraged me in my need of expressing myself through music.

2. Which three words describe the motivation behind your project?

Composition, Playing, Travelling.

3. To what extent would you say your artistic devotion is inevitable?

I strongly believe that I was meant to do this. The older and more mature (hopefully) I get, the more I understand how important motivation is to navigate throughout life. Waking up and looking forward to your day is golden. Happiness is the biggest gift and something we should not take for granted.

4. If you could create a project in another artistic field or form, what would it be?

Cobbler. I have a love for shoes and leather.

5. 2019 is your personal year for…?

Physical challenges. Self-development. Release of my debut album as a band leader.

6. When is music beyond?

In those moments where we lose ourselves and consciousness around what we’re actually doing/playing.

7. Which is your personal radar?

I guess we all need to navigate after our own personal radars to achieve happiness in life. Only if we are happy, we can spread love, happiness and be tolerant and open-minded towards each other. RÆDÆR.

8. The format of RADAR Festival Beyond Music takes into consideration the artistic potential of new technologies and their supplementary functions. What is the significance of technologies in your own work?

I, like most musicians today, use electronics and computers to write and develop our music – something I love to use as a supplement to the other more old-fashioned “sit by the piano with pen and piece of paper”.

9. Often, the resident projects at our festival are acts of spontaneity or dependent on variables – and that makes them resistant to reenactment or repetition in the same way. In a sense, these projects remain here and now. What is your reflection upon the here? And upon the now?

In my book, that’s exactly what live performances should be about and that’s something we love to worship in my band.

10. What can we expect from you in Varna?

A genre-defying mix of electronica, hardcore contemporary beats and retro musical guilty pleasures.

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Anton Eger drums




Matt Calvert guitar




Niels Broos keyboards




Robin Mullarkey electric bass