On August 10, RADAR will be a platform for the phenomenon of the new time we all inhabit, called multidisciplinarity. Jazz, electronics, theater, fashion and video art are the core elements of the MIXING VANITY project, and vanity itself is the protagonist. The performance explores the boundaries of narcissism with humility, and the many meanings of beauty. A complex narrative based on an idea of the pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov, who brings together an impressive team of artists.

1. RADAR Festival Beyond Music has the primary goal to present musical projects dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic forms. When did you become aware of the limitedness of your own artistic form, or, to put it in other words, when did your radar detect the need for multidisciplinary expression?

Music does not originate from music itself. It is rather the soundtrack of life, the mirror of the universe. Music ‘feeds’ with other kinds of art and with human narratives. The arts act as different means of expression of the same energy. Music is my art and for me it is sufficient, however, I am open for the inclusion of other kinds of art as well.

2. Which three words describe the motivation behind your project?

Curiosity. Beginning. Infinity.

3. To what extent would you say your artistic devotion is inevitable?

There are people who consider the world based on numbers. There are people for whom the world corresponds to the Earth. For me – the world is what it is through art.

4. If you could create a project in another artistic field or form, what would it be?

Maybe it would be filmmaking. I love movies. I love the narrative, the cinematographic process. It is about the transformation of many separate things into one total and complete thing.

5. 2019 is your personal year for…?

New projects and new contacts.

6. When is music beyond?

It goes beyond when you forget yourself as both – a listener and a musician. When you feel that what you perform does not belong to you but rather is a part of a cosmic plan in which you play the part of a mediator.

7. Which is your personal radar?

The unknowable.

8. The format of RADAR Festival Beyond Music takes into consideration the artistic potential of new technologies and their supplementary functions. What is the significance of technologies in your own work?

Improvisation happens now and composition is here.

9. Often, the resident projects at our festival are acts of spontaneity or dependent on variables – and that makes them resistant to reenactment or repetition in the same way. In a sense, these projects remain here and now. What is your reflection upon the here? And upon the now?

10. What can we expect from you in Varna?

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