The opening of RADAR Festival Beyond Music 2019 on the 9th of August at 19:30 will be an intriguing intertwining of jazz and poetry within the Gorafunk project: collaboration between Stefan Goranov and Setareh Nafisi. In addition to being an artist, Setareh is also the co-organizer and creator of the festival The World We Live In, held annually in Groningen, the Netherlands. In the text below, you can read what the truly magnetic performer shared with the festival’s team about the concept of cross-art and the importance of intuition in the working process.

1. RADAR Festival Beyond Music has the primary goal to present musical projects dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic forms. When did you become aware of the limitedness of your own artistic form, or, to put it in other words, when did your radar detect the need for multidisciplinary expression?

Searching for my voice in music and art is what brought me to where I am now. I consider myself a versatile artist who is still experimenting with pushing the boundaries away. Coming from Classical world, I’ve been composing and free-improvising within electro – acoustic setting more and more for the past year. I’ve been acting, singing and combining different disciplines to be able to convey what I

want to communicate with the audience as strong as I can. Collaborating and cross-art is a natural step toward expanding the communication platform. To be a part of Radar festival is another step towards this boundary-less life as a musician and artist which I am very excited to experience.

2. Which three words describe the motivation behind your project?

Communication. Resonating with the audience. Boundaryless musician.

3. To what extent would you say your artistic devotion is inevitable?


4. If you could create a project in another artistic field or form, what would it be?

Communication. Resonating with the audience. Boundaryless musician.

5. 2019 is your personal year for…?

Finding my artistic identity, my voice. Embracing the makings and the creatings, beyond the labels. Collaborating.

6. When is music beyond?

When there is an urge to say something.

7. Which is your personal radar?

Intuitive perception of the world around and inside me.

8. The format of RADAR Festival Beyond Music takes into consideration the artistic potential of new technologies and their supplementary functions. What is the significance of technologies in your own work?

I experiment with live electronics using Roli, Equator, etcetera for my personal projects. Here I am a pianist and narrator, the composer/drummer integrates electronic and acoustic quite brilliantly in his work.

9. Often, the resident projects at our festival are acts of spontaneity or dependent on variables – and that makes them resistant to reenactment or repetition in the same way. In a sense, these projects remain here and now. What is your reflection upon the here? And upon the now?

Mindfulness in art and music making can change the values, my reflection is that if the art is created with such motivation, I am flattered to be a part of it.

10. What can we expect from you in Varna?

I am happy to be there. Hear and share.

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