Nelly Miteva graduated in Fashion Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Design in Trier, Germany. She develops her own collections under the brand “nelmit”. She also works as a freelance designer, in the field of education (with experience as a fashion design professor at AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich), consultancy on design concepts, fashion journalism and costume design. The prizes won at international competitions include the Design-Innovation-Award of the North Rhine-Westphalia Economy Ministry, the Qualifications and the Finals of the Smirnoff Fashion Awards, GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL FASHION DESIGN BERLIN 2003, and more. In 2007 and 2009 GRAZIA magazine nominated her for “Woman of the Year” in the Design category. In 2007 she created IVAN ASEN 22 as a conceptual platform for the presentation of young progressive fashion designers in Sofia, and in 2009 she founded the IVAN ASEN 22 Foundation for the presentation and support of contemporary designers. She is the artistic director and curator. In her collections, she is interested in the transformation and transformative qualities of form (“GAME-à-porter”) and the “Watch your Back” kind of storytelling of personal stories through clothing. Characteristic of her work as a designer is her own moulage technique and her experimental construction systems. Since 2015, she has focused her interest in the direction of conceptual fashion and its role in the context of modern arts. In 2018, Nelly Miteva was awarded the BIG SEE INSPIRATIONAL-VISIONARY AWARD by Zavod BIG, Center for Creative Economics of Southeastern Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for her achievements in the development of the Southeast European design scene.

1. RADAR Festival Beyond Music has the primary goal to present musical projects dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic forms. When did you become aware of the limitedness of your own artistic form, or, to put it in other words, when did your radar detect the need for multidisciplinary expression?

Fashion design communicates easily and attracts to itself other forms of art.

Creating a clothing from plane matter into a three-dimensional form is for me very close to the sculpting process, to modelling according to bodily proportions and features. Photography makes possible clothing’s presentation, while the movement when it is worn reveals its performative character.

Concept-based fashion, on the other hand, deals with specific vision as well as with philosophical categories which enables a free and endless flight towards similar or foreign disciplines…

2. Which three words describe the motivation behind your project?

Curiosity, research, approach.

3. To what extent would you say your artistic devotion is inevitable?

My work is my motivation to wake up every morning, that restrains me from taking a look at watches and calendars; it is precisely my work that transforms every wave of dеsperation into a burst of energy.

4. If you could create a project in another artistic field or form, what would it be?


5. 2019 is your personal year for…?

Getting rid of everything considered previously secure that had in fact refrained me from dedication to what I really believe in and can do. This is the year for rediscovering the faith in the right directions of my intuition, for reaching the unreal… a lot of labor invested in it. This is also the year of getting acquainted with distant places, cultures, and new associates.

6. When is music beyond?

When you recognize it as extremely close to yourself and when you want it to speak a language accessible to others.

7. Which is your personal radar?

My intuition, my sensitivity toward personalities and ideas of high quality. The seeking and finding of an identity. The act of discovering new paths instead of following the well-known ones.

8. The format of RADAR Festival Beyond Music takes into consideration the artistic potential of new technologies and their supplementary functions. What is the significance of technologies in your own work?

In the field of design, technologies lead to innovations and open up the imagination to infinity. At the same time, what is handmade bares the individual hallmark of its creator.

9. Often, the resident projects at our festival are acts of spontaneity or dependent on variables – and that makes them resistant to reenactment or repetition in the same way. In a sense, these projects remain here and now. What is your reflection upon the here? And upon the now?

When nothing from “once” and “there” refrains you, the here-and-now dimension is fruitful and meaningful. Then the path towards everything brave that is ahead can be walked on peacefully.

10. What can we expect from you in Varna?

Bringing together design and music in the encounter of different artists who think and create “beyond” every narrow limitation.

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