For the sixth time, RADAR will strive to be a memorable experience, blurring the boundaries between musical genres and arts. On August 10, at 21:00, Viktor Prodanov, a.k.a. xDEx, will combine sound space with rhythm in the special hidden but open, electric, but also romantic place – the inner-yard of the City Art Gallery. xDEx and his project will position the spectators in a unique musical structure and will “play” with their sense of time. More about time, curiosity, boredom and surprise, lies in the lines below.

1. RADAR Festival Beyond Music has the primary goal to present musical projects dealing with a wide spectrum of artistic forms. When did you become aware of the limitedness of your own artistic form, or, to put it in other words, when did your radar detect the need for multidisciplinary expression?

I would call multidisciplinarity polyvalence or eclecticism. It appeared spontaneously after multiple collaborations with artists from different horizons, after the fading of defining genres and the assumption that the end result is not entirely up to you.

2. Which three words describe the motivation behind your project?

Curiosity when viewing new horizons.

3. To what extent would you say your artistic devotion is inevitable?

To the extent of taking it seriously and to the extent of the other’s attitude not terrifying me.

4. If you could create a project in another artistic field or form, what would it be?

They are not one or two, I wouldn’t like to focus on a concrete thing.

5. 2019 is your personal year for…?

Usurpation, surpassing itself.

6. When is music beyond?

…the silence transforms into harmony and shadows tell each other stories.

7. Which is your personal radar?


8. The format of RADAR Festival Beyond Music takes into consideration the artistic potential of new technologies and their supplementary functions. What is the significance of technologies in your own work?

Primordial. The question I would ask myself would be: “what importance do I give to those who have no contact with technology”.

9. Often, the resident projects at our festival are acts of spontaneity or dependent on variables – and that makes them resistant to reenactment or repetition in the same way. In a sense, these projects remain here and now. What is your reflection upon the here? And upon the now?

Like a current memory within the collective memory. And an unresolved question in the subjective and general temporality. I cannot answer this question in a simple way.

10. What can we expect from you in Varna?

I have no idea. I would like to surprise myself.

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