Svetlana Maras’ workshop is aimed at children between 7 and 14 years old. It uses contemporary technology to show new, intriguing ways for creating music, composing or performing in a contemporary socio-technological context. By learning basic computer skills and working with the newest technology, kids are stimulated to think creatively and see beyond the conventional idea of music. In a very motivating and fun learning process, they become familiar with some of the most recent innovations in the field of electronic music.

Артист/ГрупаСветлана Мараш (RS)Арт формаТворческа работилница за деца със Светлана МарашЛокацияСоциалната чайнаДата/Час05.08 & 06.08 / 10:00Времетраене180"Билети20лв.