Why are art works like the “black square” so important? In what way did the paradoxical work of Andy Warhol and John Cage change the trends in the world of art? Why is one of the current themes in contemporary art debating its possible end? This lecture is initiated by creators of work of art who have great effect on the global view of art. All of them are emblematic, and more importantly, their examples will inspire us into a discussion about different aspects of our culture and life!

  • There is no need of knowing anything about these themes to enjoy the event. All you need is your curiosity.

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Project NameARTISTS AND ARTWORKS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD OF ARTArtist/GroupLecture by Teodora Konstantinova and Radoslav Mehandzhiyski from the Art & Culture Today PlatformArt formLectureLocationThe meadow in front of the Karin DomDate/Time04.08 / 16:00Duration120"Tickets10BGN / 20BGN / 25BGN Buy your Ticket