Translated from Ethiopian language, the word ‘DAYO” means “joy arrives” and it seems that the guys in the group are determined to convince us that this is true. Bozhidar VasilevTromBobby, Evden Dimitrov, Vasil VutevSoulization and DJ Rawland create music in full symbiosis. Their music is the perfect balance between beats, hip-hop and jazz, and despite the fundamental character of these styles, DAYO’s sound is up to the future. The band released their debut album in the summer of 2017, backed by the remarkable video to Soul Searchin’, with creative director Joro Panchev and director Demetri Vasilev; and it was followed by numerous concerts and festivals, including So What’s Next in Eindhoven and Kapana Fest in Plovdiv. Recently, Hollywood actor Will Smith chose to include DAYO tracks in the latest episodes of his YouTube deposit.

Project NameDAYO [BG] with special guest Rosen Zahariev – ROKOArtist/GroupVASIL VUTEV (DRUMS), EVDEN DIMITROV (BAS), BOZHIDAR VASILEV -TromBobby (TROMBONE), MIHAIL FILIPOV (SYNTHESIZER), ALEXANDER ZAHARIEV A.K.A. DJ Rawland (GRAMOPHONES), ROSEN ZAHARIEV - ROCO (TRUMPET)Art formJazz and hip-hopLocationCity Art Gallery (inner courtyard)Date/Time04.08 / 22:00Duration60"Tickets10BGN / 5BGN Buy your Ticket