In their collaborative AV project “Branches” Ivan Shopov and Lora Zhelyazkova are creating an immersive mystic space situated in silence and darkness by combining the sound from a modular synthesizer with audio generative and audio reactive visuals. This ongoing communication between the authors and the technology they work with is based on live music and intuitive audio analysis, branching out into multiple visual interpretations. The created sound and its reactive visual environment reveal an improvised space of vibrations and light shades intertwining reality and abstraction. This is the latest project of one of the most famous electronic artists, not only in Bulgaria but also throughout Europe – Ivan Shopov (also known as Cooh, Balkansky, Ghost303). It is very special because this time he teams up with his life partner – the talented Lora Zhelyazkova.

Project NameBRANCHESArtist/GroupIVAN SHOPOV & LORA ZHELYAZKOVAArt formAudio-visual performanceLocationCity Art Gallery (inner courtyard)Date/Time03.08 / 22:00Duration60"Tickets10BGN / 5BGN Buy your Ticket