Letter from New York brings together Heather Wаrе and Tatyana Koleva in a common project examining the physical dimensions of sound. The inspiration for this project is a collective of artists from the so-called ‘New York School’ – a movement from the 1950s which belonged to various art circles. Some of the figures associated with this movement are John Cage, Morton Feldman, and Christian Wolff, as well as the choreographer Merce Cunningham. All these artists are linked to the development of abstract expressionism. The common characteristic between these artists, who all lived in the same neighbourhood of the Big Apple and even worked together, is the desire of ‘freeing the mind’. Therefore, their musical scores are often not just a sum of notes but rather symbols open to the interpretation of each musician. In Letters From New York we can experience the music score as presented through the choreography of the percussions, where every movement of the musician creates variations in the sound, as well as through the contemporary dance performance, which has its own ‘inner music’. A performance for people who make use of all their senses.
Heather Wаrе is one of the most well-established dance performers in the Netherlands. After an intensive career with LeineRoebana dance group, she continues working as an independent artist. She won the prestigious award ‘Golden Swan’ for best dancer in 2010.

About Tatyana Koleva, The New York Times wrote:

“a great percussionist… a brilliantly played performance … explosive energy …”

Project Name‘Letters From New York’ [CA/BG] Artist/GroupHeather Wаrе (Dance/Choreography), Tatyana Koleva (Percussions/ Composition)Art formContemporary dance and music from New YorkLocationCity Art Gallery (hall)Date/Time03.08 / 19:30Duration60"Tickets12BGN / 8BGN Buy your Ticket