About us

RADAR Festival Beyond Music is an event which presents musical projects, successfully combined with other artistic forms. Contemporary dance, video art, theatre and even high technology are perceived through music, drawing the public to the unexplored recesses of their own senses.

Our RADAR seeks innovation, provocation and surprise. Our public should be prepared to be shaken up; to raise doubts about the existing paradigms of art; to experience something beautiful and special. A strong feeling, compared to the one you get when you jump from a cliff or taste an exotic dish – the kind of experience, which will satisfy every aspect of curiosity. And the odds are that its aftertaste will leave you surprised, imtrigued and inspired. RADAR festival will relieve the monotony of the everyday sounds, faces and pictures.

Bravery and innovation are two words that describe every single project of RADAR festival. Both the well-known and the rising artists that we present dare to think and create out of the box. Some performances are complete like an architectural construction, others are а matter of improvisation and great communication – created at the present moment and never again repeated the same. Be brave and come to share with us this one-of-a-kind experience.

Main programme

In its 4th edition, Radar festival opens new horizons in music and dares beyond borders of genres, art forms and perceptions.

Artists from the legendary German label ECM open the festival on 3 August at the Varna City Gallery. The duo of Anja Lechner and Franҫois Couturier presents their album MODERATO CANTABILE, dedicated to the mystics Komitas, Gurdjieff and Mompou. Two brilliant musicians explore sacred depths of art that had been left at the margins of music history and brought to light for the audiences of RADAR this year.

Charismatic actress and singer Militsa Gladnishka presents her new project TITANIC. Together with her band she tells the story of the last hours of the famous Titanic orchestra that kept playing until their very end. A concert, a theater performance, a comedy and a tragedy at the same time, a story that loves life!

NOTES ON HOPPER is a musical performance sung by Judith Scholte and played by Dimitar Bodurov and Nils van Haften. They tell a story about the life and works of famous American painter Edward Hopper, seen through the eyes of his wife.

See the full program and start your journey beyond the borders of the expected.