About us

RADAR FESTIVAL BEYOND MUSIC is back! This time in Autumn – the seventh edition will happen between 23-25 October, once again in Varna, Bulgaria. Like the rest of the world, it is highly influenced by the current social isolation which poses questions on our physical, as well as on our spiritual limitations, affecting both the mundane, and the artistic worlds. A large number of the showcased performances were created and rehearsed during the pandemic. The festival’s organizers found it most logical to invite solely Bulgarian artists, ones that have already participated in previous editions, emphasizing the importance of togetherness and mutual support which we are all in need of during these times. In this way, RADAR will hold a ‘family’ edition: leaving out the summer crowds of August, the arriving artists from another part of the world and their grand projects; and instead focusing on a fine selection of what the Bulgarian avant-garde artists  have created in the past few months. A radar for ever-changing moods and sensations, a movement between insecurity, fear and confusion, but also love and hope.

Main programme

Tickets are sold at 10/5 BGN on EasyPay, as well as during the festival days (23-25.10) before the start of each performance. Follow www.radar-festival.eu for updates.

20% of the profit from each ticket for the accompanying programme’s events will support the funding of Karin Dom Foundation’s new building – for we believe in every person’s right to a happy childhood.