Why support us?

Every Lev counts. The generosity of our individual donors and of our financial partners in the face of business companies, NGOs and cultural organizations, has a decisive role in the organizing of RADAR Festival Beyond Music and in its positioning as a key event of local and international importance.

The SIDEA Cultural Development Foundation, which is the main organizer of the event, is registered as a non-for-profit organization for public benefit in the Varna District Court under the number 0311000072 and is registered with the Registry Agency under the number 176029443. In its initiatives, the organization is guided by the following objectives:

  • Decentralization of cultural life in Bulgaria;
  • Presentation and production of high-value artistic projects;
  • attracting and educating new audiences;
  • stimulating cultural diversity and the exchange of knowledge and good practices;
  • promoting the image of the country as a cultural destination.

The SIDEA Foundation strives to provide support that exceeds the expectations of the participants and the public at large, and that is why we invite you to join this enormous challenge by supporting us. We will utilize your support in order to continue to be the host of musical talents and innovators from around the world every August.