Archeological museum - Varna

About the event

Evden Dimitrov, bass • Denis Popstoev, saxophone • Bozhidar Vasilev-Trombobby, synthesizer • Vladislav Mitchev, trumpet • Rado Kazasov, drums

Evden Dimitrov is a jazz bassist and experimental electronic musician from Bulgaria. A product of countless hours playing and sharing the stage with a substantial list of Bulgaria’s most notable acts including Lubo Kirov, Preyah, Trombobby, Poli Genova, Mixaela Marinova, So Called Crew, DAYO, Funky Miracle and many more, his compositions managed to reach listeners from 150 countries, placements in Spotify’s playlists like Fresh Finds: Jazz and All New Jazz and radio plays in BBC Radio 1, KCRW and Rinse FM. Leaving bits and pieces of his creativity and inspirations behind in those recordings had been the necessary step before his output had become strong and conceptual enough to materialise into his own sound. Just like the music he’s creating, his journey feels cosmic, and both guiding and non-directional at the same time. The foundation of EVDN. is perfectly timed and represents the birth of a truly unique sonic experience.

The event is supported by the Access Programme of the Art Office Foundation, funded by the National Culture Fund.