Sofia Live Club

About the event

Dimitar Bodurov – piano & electronicaIvan Shopov – electronica

Transcendence is the next chapter of the collaborative musical explorations of electronic producer Ivan Shopov and jazz pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov. Their second album consists of six lengthy and deeply immersive pieces, inhabiting the realms of jazz improvisation, neoclassical minimalism and downtempo electronica. Transcendence is highly atmospheric but always remains focused and direct.

The flame of this collaboration was seemingly sparked by the spontaneity and energy of free improvisation but of precision and musical mastership as well. Carrying the traits of contemporary composition and advanced sound design, it’s a challenging but captivating and intriguing listen. Bodurov & Shopov demonstrate their unique artistic synergy and technical control. 

Especially for this occasion, visual artists from studio micronavtVenelina and Andrey Katansky, created a set of videos recorded under a microscope using various techniques of crystallization and light manipulation. These otherworldly images resonate with the atmosphere of the music and thus complete this audio-visual experience.