World-champion beatboxer

SkilleR (Alexander Deyanov) is a beatboxer from Sofia, Bulgaria. Known as the ' fast mouth' from the East, he has brought the art of beatboxing to mass attention in Bulgaria. He is the first national beatbox champion (2007). With more than 60,000,000 views on Youtube and over 200,000 followers in the social media, SkilleR enjoys worldwide recognition. Despite his age, he has successfully toured countries like USA, China, Brazil, India, France, Japan, England, South Korea, Argentina, Uruguay, Russia, Germany, and many others. Alexander takes his beatboxing beyond the traditional hip hop influences into a much wider range of contemporary styles. His ability to implement innovative beatbox styles and techniques gives him the opportunity to explore the art of beatboxing with many different and versatile projects. In 2011 SkilleR and the double bass player Maria Ilcheva won the prestigious Best Music IKAR Award for the successful theatrical performance ‘Nocturne – from dust to brilliance’. The same year he also won the Grand Beatbox Battle in Basel. In 2012 SkilleR became the OFFICIAL BEATBOX WORLD CHAMPION at the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin. A significant highlight in Skiller's career is the successful collaboration with the Grammy award winning choir - The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Lisa Gerrard in the album ‘BooCheeMish', where he is featured in four songs. SkilleR is currently working on his first solo album.


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